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At it's root, The Immanent World is an anthology that gathers creative art of various forms — from poetry to short stories to illustrations — that deal with the world that lives inside our heads. The authors, poets and artists in this book bring unique spins to the genres of horror, romance, fantasy etc. that stem from personal experiences and fantasies.

From Kevin Hopson's take on unsolved cases to the stunning imagery of Shelley Koon, this is a collection that takes the audience to places which are bizarre, quirky, emotional, visually stunning and, at times, terrifying.

The anthology is broken into nine sections, one for each artist. You will learn more about these up-and-coming creators and get a glimpse into the worlds they have created in their head, the feelings they pour into words, and the visions they inspire with their art.

Immanence is a word that can easily be confused with imminent, as in "something is coming". Immanence is related to the transendental world, in the effect that the spiritual inner-world permeates through the non-spiritual world.

The work presented in The Immanent World focuses on that which lives within. In this case, the mind of the creator. It is divine. It is transendent. It is limitless.

From the mind pours the fabric of imagination that weaves together to form the landscapes of the writer, the poet and the painter. They are the divine, merging their spiritual thoughts into the material world, forming a union between both, whose conduit is the reader, the view, the observer.

Uniquely human, immanence exists in every living soul. It is into this world — the tapestry of the inner spirit — that pushes our experience into new realms.

Conor Carlisle image

My name is Conor Carlisle. I'm 17 years old, living in Britain. I started writing poetry when I was 16, doing my GCSE's. I was practicing descriptive pieces for my English exam, and I always put in a few poetic elements in them because I enjoyed analyzing poetry during English classes and I like to be creative. I then decided to start writing poetry in my free time because I found it was a good creative outlet and generally fun to do.

It started out pretty basic but I kept going until I started to get better and began to develop my skills more (I'm still trying to improve though). My main influences in writing are Carol-Anne Duffy and Simon Armitage, I read some of their work while doing GCSE English and whenever I'm trying to do a piece that stands out from the rest of my work I try follow the formats of some of their poems. I still enjoy writing and I don't plan to stop, but I never figured that I would actually start writing poetry, especially considering I didn't start talking until I was Three!

Life's foisted miseries are not a good excuses for missing out on aspects of life that provide enjoyment and reward.

Love life's adventure and the ability that I have of figuring life out until God grabs me by the nape of the neck and tells me to try again.

I was almost destroyed when a pursued loved one died, never having to want to go through that again, I had a lot of thinking and came up with a way to accept life's injustices and more one. I lived that way realizing that the only way to know if I am doing things right is for something to happen again. It did when my mother survived a cardiac arrest at home and suffered severe brain damage. Well, it worked and in this life a good portion of Mike's devotion has been trying to make life better for other people.

I strive for success, but that usually relies on other people to foster as well. I put as much as I can and though sucess is important, I don't make it a top priority and simply enjoy trying.

I am now trying to incorperate my many pursuits into one cohesive product and would love to add the element of perfromance into the mix.

I will do my best until I drop for the last time!

Michael Kohlman image
Skylar DaVinci

I am what people call a young writer. I've been writing ever since I was 10, and now I'm 13 years old. Most of my writing or poetry falls into the genres of horror, sci-fi, or supernatural. I enjoy writing because it breaks the restraints on my creativity. Writing helps me paint a mental picture in the reader's mind.

I write about a person, usually inhuman, who is running or trying to escape from the place that has held them captive. Some of my other stories involve a person who was hurt by someone in the past, and she was able to escape from them. She was free from this person until she was captured and he saved her.

I write stories and poetry, but I'm also an artist. I think the artistic side of me allows me to be able to describe someone or something better. I started drawing before I became a writer, and I began to write poetry only a few months ago. I get inspired by most of the books I read, like Maximum Ride, and they help me learn to fix my mistakes in my writing. Like I said, writing breaks my creativity free. It allows my mind to enter different worlds that I would have never been able to even dream of before.

Shelley Koon is an artist and writer currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys horseback riding, long walks in the rain, kittens, puppies and killing, dismembering and disfiguring people in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and several popular MMOs.

Shelley Koon

Kevin Hopson

Prior to hitting the fiction scene in 2009, Kevin was a freelance writer for several years, covering everything from finance to sports. His debut work, World of Ash, was released by MuseItUp Publishing in the fall of 2010. Since then, he has had two other short stories released by the same publisher - Earthly Forces and Early Release for Bad Behavior. Kevin's contributing anthology story, A Gut Feeling, is actually a follow up to Early Release for Bad Behavior. He focuses primarily on the science fiction, dark fiction, horror, paranormal, and crime fiction genres.

Bradley K. McDevitt is a twenty-two year veteran of the gaming industry, and has worked for numerous companies such as WoTC/TSR, Goodman Games, Catalyst Games Lab, Atlas Games and many more. This is not even counting his stints as a staff artist for GDW and as an Art Director for Dark Skull Studios.

Bradley McDevitt profile

KC Hunter profile image

The writer and creator of the dark fantasy series Paris and the children's series Dorian Delmontez.

KC Hunter has been a storyteller since he was twelve-years-old, and through various media during his life, been telling them ever since. He won a National Young Writers Award in 1994 and had several poems published in his teen years.

He later delved into music, live performance and interactive media development, but still continued to write through the early 2000s.

In 2008, he developed the concept of merging his skills at web design, multimedia development and writing into a new form of storytelling media: Electronic Media Entertainment. His goal is to expand the universe of a story from being confined to one medium (a book, a game, a graphic novel) into a multi-layered universe that encompasses a variety of media types.

He currently lives in Owings Mills, Maryland and is a member of various clubs in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

Luna Stone was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on January 22nd 1997. She lives with her mother and step-father in her small home town while attending highschool. She enjoys writing, drawing, painting, photography, and reading. Her first goal was met after she was published in The Immanent World. That goal was to be published in a book before graduating high school. Now her goal is to write poems and stories that encourage the young and old to accept one another and be true to themselves.

Luna Stone profile image

Stuti Jain profile image

I don’t write stories, I write dreams, and my stories are somehow a reflection of my life and inner self. People wish if it were possible to re-write the past, I live that wish through my stories. This story is about a young guy, who is passionately in love with his would be wife, but somehow, he cannot leave the girl who still owned him despite being away from him. This story is a turbulence of emotions and also a question to my readers, what will you do when your love returns in your life?

Nick Ransom is an eclectic, jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. He's a musician, writer, visual artist, cooking fanatic and, oddly enough, avid DIYer.

Writing on topics ranging from the zombie apocalypse, to theological quandaries, to good old fashioned revenge, if it’s on the darker side of things, Nick Ransom would probably take a whack at it in one medium or another.

Inspired heavily by personal experience, dreams, and music, his work ranges from nightmare-inducing stories of vengeance to heartbreak, and absolute loss.

Nick lives in upstate New York, watches too much Star Trek, and spends his time with two wonderful insane people, and two equally wonderful (and equally insane) dogs.

Nick Ransom image

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